Hollywood Drive Records is a music label based in Los Angeles, CA.


We're carving a space for songwriters, producers, and artists that fosters creativity and artist ownership.

We are founded on the principals our founder, artist and entrepreneur Matt "Cush" Wallace, learned while growing up in some of Los Angeles' roughest neighborhoods. At our Beverly Hills recording studio and office, our multi-talented team develops those principals of knowledge, self-preservation, and savviness as the foundation that supports our artists from the earliest stages of their careers.



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Raised between New York City and Los Angeles, Cush spent his early years engrossed in music in an effort to stay off the streets and out of trouble. He was an avid learner, soaking up music business know-how from his A&R father while learning classical instruments like guitar and cello. After graduating high school, he earned a scholarship to play D1 basketball at University of North Carolina at Wilmington and California State University Northridge, where he won an NCAA championship. It was after winning that Cush decided to leave basketball, move back to his hometown Los Angeles, and launch a career in music.

While modeling and acting for brands like McDonald's and Maison Margiela, he spent time evolving his sound to encompass his Afro-Latino and bicoastal upbringing, as well as his experiences with relationships, violence, and success. To complement his high-energy rapping and moody, ambient singing, his skillset has evolved to include songwriting, producing, mixing, and mastering. Since 2013, he has crafted and released a mixtape, EP, and multiple singles under Hollywood Drive Records.

With his most recent EP 'DRICO,' Cush reaffirms his powerful position as the forerunner of a new, West Coast hip hop. Listen to 'DRICO' here.